2013 has been an awesome year for hip-hop. Not only did Jay Z drop Magna Carta Holy Grail, we saw Drake pick up a Grammy for Best Rap Album, Kanye releasing the ground-breaking Yeezus and of course the long-awaited return of Eminem.
This list was a tough one to create and no doubt it will cause some controversy, but here are our top three hip-hop songs of 2013.

A$AP Rocky – Wild for the Night
Teaming up with Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam, the commercial performance of A$AP Rocky’s Wild for the Night was somewhat disappointing. The song only peaked at number 80 on the Billboard Hot 100, but the infectious dub-step beat and sick flow from A$AP secures this track a place on the list.
Drake – Started from the Bottom
The first single to be released from Drake’s Nothing was the Same album was arguably one of his best. Started from the Bottom documents his journey to becoming a Grammy award-winning rapper – the only issue is his rather questionable dancing in the video.
Kanye West – I am a God
Kanye’s famed ego reigned supreme in I am a God, one of the unreleased tracks from Yeezus. The song makes the list because it is unique, and the lyric ‘Hurry up with my damn croissants’ is one of the freshest we’ve seen all year.
These songs are sure to get any party started, so they should definitely occupy a spot on your playlist. To really get your party started, why not invest in some specialist DJ kit? Take a look at Gear4DJs; they have everything from DJ lights to speakers that are sure to make your house party memorable.
Whether you agree or disagree, you’ll all have your opinions on this selection so feel free to leave a reply below.